What Will the Quality Assurance Engineer Salary Look Like in 2023 at IQCode?

Overview: Quality Assurance Engineer Salary in the US

Quality Assurance Engineers test software to ensure it runs bug-free for users. They catch issues early and make sure new features don’t introduce new bugs. Within a QA team, responsibilities can vary. Here’s a breakdown of their salary:

Salary by Experience:
– Entry level: $51,000 – $91,000
– Mid-career: $63,000 – $107,000
– Experienced: $75,000 – $122,000
– Late Career: $81,000 – $133,000

Salary by Locations:
– San Francisco: +$20,000
– New York: +$12,000
– Seattle: +$8,000
– Chicago: +$4,000

Salary by Skills:
– Python: +$10,000
– Quality Assurance: +$8,000
– Automation Testing: +$5,000
– Java: +$4,000

Salary by Employer:
– Amazon.com Inc: +$14,000
– Apple Computer, Inc: +$10,000
– J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (JPMCC): +$9,000
– Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp: +$2,000

To crack a QA Engineer interview, highlight your communication skills, knowledge of QA processes, and experience with automation tools. Don’t forget to research the company beforehand.

In conclusion, QA Engineers play a crucial role in software development. They ensure software runs smoothly and is easy to use for consumers. If you’re considering a career in QA engineering, know that salaries can vary based on location, experience, and employer.

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What Does a Quality Assurance Engineer Do?

A Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer has varying roles depending on the company hired. However, their overall function is the same whether they are testing software programs or building structural integrity. Here are some of their general responsibilities:

– Conduct load testing to ensure program’s capacity to handle strain
– Utilize automated tools to detect bugs and other issues
– Update software documentation to reflect changes
– Collaborate with developers to create program specifications
– Coordinate with operations to ensure software can handle demanding tasks.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Quality Assurance Engineer

A Quality Assurance Engineer is responsible for ensuring that software is designed according to best practices and operates correctly. Their responsibilities include using tools to inspect software for bugs, creating documentation such as bug reports and issue trackers, coordinating with operations, and creating test scripts to conduct load tests. They may also have additional roles depending on the software they are testing.

Salary of Quality Assurance Engineers

Quality Assurance Engineers generally earn a lower salary compared to software developers. The average salary is $93,000 and can be as low as $47,800 or as high as $130,000, depending on factors like organization size, location, and experience level. Senior-level experience can lead to even higher salaries. The type of software being tested can also impact salary. While some companies hire QA engineers for non-software products, they are usually hired specifically for software testing.

Quality Assurance Engineer Salary by Experience

On average, QA engineers in the US earn between $47,000 to $120,000 annually. Most QA engineers start as interns or new graduates at startup companies and may spend up to seven years there before transitioning to higher level roles or senior positions at tech giants such as IBM, Google, Intel, or Microsoft. Junior QAs can expect higher salaries as they gain experience and take on more responsibility with clients.

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Salary for Quality Assurance Engineers in Different Locations

QA engineers have high paying job opportunities in cities like Chicago, New York City, and San Francisco. They can typically expect an annual raise in the low to mid-three percent range. These engineers can also test product software, which allows users to download and use computer programs for personal or business use.

Salary for Quality Assurance Engineers Based on Skills

To become a Software Quality Assurance Engineer, one may need to have a license or certification from a professional certifying body such as CompTIA or A+e-Trainers. Mastery in six to seven different programming languages, platforms (such as Java, .NET, C/C++ and Perl), and software tools (such as Scrum or Unified Process) is also essential. Additionally, computer security training is necessary because software quality can be directly affected by vulnerabilities. Finally, QA Engineers should be well-versed in data capture and test recording tools (such as Selenium and Watir).

Salary of Quality Assurance Engineers by Employer

The salary of a Quality Assurance Engineer is determined based on their employer’s size and location. On average, a QA Engineer earns $80,000 per year. However, the salary can vary widely depending on experience and the company. In California, the salary can be up to $120,000, while in other areas of the country, it may be as low as $47,800. A senior-level QA Engineer with over 11 years of experience can earn up to $130,000 annually.
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Tips for Acing a Quality Assurance Engineer Interview

The interview process for a Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer position is similar to a Software Engineer interview. The interviewers may focus on the role and necessary engineering skills depending on the company. For some companies, QA Engineers may test the structural integrity of a building, and for others, they may test software functionality. Typically, the QA Manager conducts the interview with a focus on the candidate’s understanding of the role. Be prepared by reviewing common QA interview questions and practicing your responses. Consider researching the company to tailor your answers to the specific job. Avoid relying on links, just search for resources on your own.

Salary Comparison: QA Engineer vs. Software Developer

In general, QA engineers earn less than software developers. While QA engineers may test non-software products, they are primarily hired for software testing. The salary of a QA engineer also depends on the software they are testing and the size of the company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the highest salary for a Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer?

A: The salary range for QA engineers depends on job market experience, education quality, and available job opportunities in the area. We can only predict up to a certain extent, and the highest salary for a QA role in the US is $104K.

Q: Do QA engineers always expect the highest pay?

A: No, during the interview, candidates should provide accurate information about their previous roles and responsibilities, rather than focusing on their previous salaries. Seeking higher pay may cause them to lose good people to other places with better compensation. Therefore, monetary negotiations are not recommended.

Q: Is QA engineering a good career?

A: Yes, QA engineering is one of the most highly demanded and in-demand careers. It doesn’t require any technical skills to start testing software. The salary for this role does not depend on the level of knowledge required by a programmer. This can become a career path for anyone.

Q: How can I become a QA tester?

A: There are no particular educational requirements to become a QA tester, and software development is quite common in the job market. As a QA engineer in the private sector, I was able to earn more than $100K without a college degree since 2007.

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