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Understanding the Role of a Security Engineer and Expected Salary

A security engineer is a crucial member of a company’s security team responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining security measures to safeguard the organization’s data against cyberattacks. Though the salary varies, it requires substantial technical expertise. Below is information regarding what to expect for both the role of a security engineer and their earning potential.

Roles & Responsibilities

As a security engineer, your roles and responsibilities include identifying security flaws, devising mitigation plans, leading incident response teams, testing security protocols and developing security solutions across multiple technological and business units.

Salary Information

The salary of a security engineer varies based on their experience, skillset, location, and employer. Here is a breakdown of the average salaries by these factors:

Salary by Experience:

  • Entry-level: $66,000 – $103,000
  • Mid-career: $93,000 – $147,000
  • Experienced: $120,000 – $194,000

Salary by Location:

  • San Francisco, CA: +31%
  • New York, NY: +17%
  • Washington, D.C.: +16%
  • Chicago, IL: +4%
  • Atlanta, GA: -7%

Salary by Skillset:

  • Security Risk Management: $138,000
  • Cybersecurity: $122,000
  • Security Testing and Auditing: $116,000
  • Security Information and Event Management: $112,000
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention: $104,000

Salary by Employer:

  • Private Company: $103,000 – $179,000
  • Government: $94,000 – $161,000
  • Non-profit Organization: $79,000 – $139,000

How to Become a Security Engineer?

To become a security engineer, you need to have a degree in computer science, cybersecurity or related fields. It is also recommended to take certification courses in security and maintain an up-to-date skillset as the field of cybersecurity quickly evolves.


In conclusion, a security engineer plays a critical role in maintaining an organization’s security system. If you are interested in cybersecurity, enjoy working with advanced technology and have the desired skillset, pursuing a career as a security engineer might be the perfect choice for you.


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Disclaimer: The information regarding the salary of a security engineer is based on a variety of credible sources and may not completely reflect actual earnings in certain cases.

What Does a Security Engineer Do?

A security engineer is in charge of creating and deploying security measures for a company to safeguard its data from cyberattacks. They must manage other engineers and maintain company security operations. In addition to being technically proficient, a security engineer should also be comfortable assuming a leadership role in the realm of security.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Security Engineer

As a security engineer, you will have the following responsibilities:

– Develop security strategies by assessing risks and implementing mitigation plans.
– Design the security architecture by identifying components and implementing controls.
– Write security control code to ensure their effective implementation.
– Manage the engineering team and security operations, and be knowledgeable about company policies, procedures, and tools.

Security Engineer Salary in the US

Security engineers in the US are well-compensated, but their salary doesn’t always reflect their level of experience. It’s worth noting that security engineers also typically have IT backgrounds, so their starting salary can depend on that expertise. The salary for a security engineer can also vary based on the size and location of the organization they work for, but the average salary is $107,042. Job availability for security engineers is high, with an employment rate of 96.4%. Only 2.4% of security engineers are unemployed. These findings come from Glassdoor research.

Security Engineer Salary by Experience

Security engineers without a CS degree and one to five years of
experience make an average of $90,000. The salary range for all
experience levels is roughly $80,000 to $166,000. The lowest average
salary ($80,078) is much higher than the middle ceiling ($97,163). As
of 2020, pay for similar roles in the US has increased by 30%,
indicating a relatively stable job market. The median increase based
on qualification level is 8.7%, with average annual increases over
10%. The 2019 increases were 14.3%.

# Code implementation of Security engineer salary by experience

# Security engineer salary ranges across all experience levels
salary_range = “$80K – $166K”

# Average salary of security engineers with 1-5 years of experience and no CS degree
salary_no_degree = “$90,000”

# Median increase based on qualification level
qualification_level_median_increase = “8.7%”

# Increase in average annual increases
average_annual_increase = “over 10%”

# Increase in salaries in 2019
increase_2019 = “14.3%”


Security Engineer Salary by Location

In California, security engineers earn an average annual salary of $99,024, while the national average is $104,425 per year. The District of Columbia and Maryland offer the highest salaries. Security engineers in Arizona also have a decent earning potential, with a median salary of $83,914 annually. About 43% of employed security engineers make more than the national average, with only 8% earning less. Refer to the following list of top cities for salaries:

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Security Engineer Salaries by Skillset

Security engineering positions can be categorized into two major skillsets: network and network infrastructure, which account for 42% of all security positions. Other skillsets include data access or governance, applications or application security, and organization. Additionally, under the category “other,” security engineers may handle identity management, threat intelligence, or other areas. Check out the top positions by skill in the list below:

[Security Engineer Salary by Skills]

Security Engineer Salary by Employer

In the field of security engineering, salary varies based on the level of experience. The entry-level salary for an associate typically ranges from $142,616 to $190,533. Senior associate positions typically make between $161,234 to $305,630. For those at the senior full-time level, salaries can range up to $196,000 to $350,000. Those at the executive director level earn the highest salaries, ranging from $295,000 to $750,000 across the wider group.

How to Become a Security Engineer?

To become a security engineer, one can start by earning a degree in cybersecurity, computer science, or software engineering. Another option is to build experience in the field. Specialized master’s degrees and certification programs are also available. To gain a good understanding of system admin ideals, consider working as a systems administrator and running virtual machines with various operating systems. Keep learning by reading books and taking free online courses. Build a network by attending conferences and participating in panels and chats. Start as an analyst or engineer and consider extra training or credentials to advance the career.

Tips for Entering a Career in Cybersecurity

If you’re considering a career in cybersecurity, begin by searching for open positions in cybersecurity firms. This way, you can gain a better understanding of the job responsibilities and the compensation provided to security engineers. If you discover a position that interests you, inquire about the remuneration and benefits. Several cybersecurity organizations may be open to providing you with additional details regarding pay, benefits, and company atmosphere.


Q: Is it difficult to become a Security Engineer?
A: It is not difficult to become a Security Engineer. There are numerous cybersecurity academies that have been established for this purpose. Many security training companies offer online training and certifications that you can obtain from the comfort of your home with relative ease.

Q: What is the salary range for a Security Engineer in the UK?
A: Security engineers are the first line of defense against security breaches. There are more than 250 cybersecurity jobs listed on one website alone, with salaries ranging from £35,000 to £70,000 per year.

Q: What are the required skills for a Security Engineer?
A: Although an interest in IT security and networking is beneficial, certain skills are necessary, including:

Computer networking
Operating systems
IT support
Network security
Computer hardware and software
Computer programming
Virus protection software
Database management


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