IQCode: Salesforce Developer Salary in India for 2023

Reasons to Pursue a Career as a Salesforce Developer

If you’re considering a career in Salesforce development, there are numerous compelling reasons to do so. Here are some of the key reasons why becoming a Salesforce developer is a wise career choice:

  • 1. High demand for Salesforce developers
  • 2. Opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology
  • 3. Wide range of job opportunities
  • 4. Lucrative earning potential

As a Salesforce developer in India, your salary can vary depending on several factors, such as your years of experience, company, location, and skills.

  • 1. Salary Based on Experience
  • 2. Salary Based on Employer
  • 3. Salary by Location
  • 4. Salary by Skills

Here’s a breakdown of the average salary range for Salesforce developers in various countries:

  • – United States
  • – Canada
  • – United Kingdom
  • – Germany
  • – Australia

In conclusion, becoming a Salesforce developer is a rewarding career choice due to its increasing demand, the opportunity to work with latest technology, and exceptional earning potential.


  • Q.1: Is Salesforce development a good career?
  • Q.2: Does Salesforce require coding?
  • Q.3: How do I become a Salesforce developer?

For those interested in pursuing a career in Salesforce development, there are numerous resources available to help get you started.

Salesforce Developers and Salaries in India

In every business, customers are essential, whether it involves B2B or B2C transactions. Therefore, understanding customers’ needs and meeting them quickly is crucial for any successful company. To achieve this, a customer interaction management platform is necessary. Formerly, firms depended on Customer Management Relationships (CMR), which was expensive for many smaller enterprises. However, technological developments led to the creation of Salesforce, an efficient customer management platform.

A Salesforce developer is a professional responsible for developing Salesforce-based applications, designing and customizing Salesforce templates, and maintaining the platform. The demand for Salesforce developers is high in India, with firms providing competitive salaries due to the significance of the role.

Who is a Salesforce Developer?

Salesforce is a leading cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider that helps businesses to manage their Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It can integrate with third-party applications, making it suitable for companies of any size. The primary benefit of Salesforce is user-friendliness, which saves time and resources, enabling companies to focus on strategy and ideas. Demand is high in India, and consequently, Salesforce developers are amongst the highest paid in the sector.

A Salesforce Developer is responsible for creating cloud-based solutions that improve and maintain customer relationships. They design, develop, and deploy these applications utilizing Salesforce’s capabilities, enabling customer data analysis and management more efficiently.

Top Reasons to Pursue a Career as a Salesforce Developer in the US

As a Salesforce Developer, you can enjoy a thriving career with incredible opportunities for growth and development. Here are some of the top reasons why:

- High demand for Salesforce Developers in the US market

- Lucrative salaries and benefits packages

- Opportunity to work with a leading CRM platform used by top companies worldwide

- Career advancement opportunities, including paths to become an architect or consultant

- Opportunity to join a dynamic and innovative tech community

- Ability to work remotely and maintain flexible schedules

Become a Salesforce Developer today and unlock limitless possibilities for your career!

Increasing Demand for Salesforce Developers in the US

Salesforce has become essential for businesses due to the growing reliance on cloud technologies. It is estimated that global spending on public cloud software will reach $418 billion by 2024, resulting in the development of 4.2 million jobs worldwide. As the #1 CRM supplier for six years in a row, Salesforce is expected to continue in 2020. Currently, there are 62,000 Salesforce Developer jobs available in the US. The demand for Salesforce Developers and their salaries continue to grow.

Unmatched Technology: Work with Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM platform, growing at a rate of 25% annually for the last four years. The platform aims to double that growth rate in the next four years. As a result, the development of new Salesforce jobs will play a crucial role, with an estimated 3.3 million positions expected by 2022. With the rise of digital transformation, the demand for cloud experts is rising, with a focus on individuals skilled in designing the most popular CRM in the world – Salesforce.

Maximize Your Job Prospects in Salesforce

Salesforce professionals are in high demand in the US, surpassing the workforce’s ability to upskill. The Salesforce job market offers numerous opportunities, with four openings for every one talented developer available.
An average of 390 new Salesforce Developer positions are created each month in North America. As organizations compete for top talent, skilled developers have significant bargaining power to negotiate their compensation, benefits, and working conditions.
A recent report states that those with Salesforce Developer skills have the freedom to choose where they work and enjoy high pay.

Exceptional Earning Potential for Salesforce Developers

Salesforce Developers have the opportunity to earn much more than average software developers in the United States. The supply and demand discrepancy has led to larger salaries as Salesforce customers and partners compete for top talent.

Based on experience level, Salesforce engineers can earn salaries ranging from $111,232 to $161,418 per year, according to recent wage surveys. Even freelance Salesforce Developers earn competitive hourly rates, ranging from $70 to $155 per hour.

Specializing in specific Salesforce elements, such as Sales Cloud or Visualforce, can also increase earning potential. Acquiring relevant certifications can also enhance a developer’s professional value.

Salesforce Developer Salary in India

On average, Salesforce Developers in India earn around Rs 501,972 per year. This figure includes bonuses and profit-sharing.

There are four main factors that affect Salesforce Developer salaries in India:

- Experience level
- Job location
- Company size
- Certifications obtained

Salesforce Developer Salary Based on Experience

Compensation for a Salesforce Developer is heavily dependent on their experience. According to salary data from a sample size of different salaries, an entry-level Salesforce Developer with less than 1 year of experience can expect to make an average total salary of $314,794 (including tips, bonuses and overtime pay). While an early career Salesforce Developer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total salary of $506,871 based on 875 salaries. A mid-career Salesforce Developer with 5-9 years of experience gets an average total salary of $1,174,573 based on 248 salaries. Lastly, an experienced Salesforce Developer with 10-19 years of experience can expect to earn an average total salary of $1,479,489 based on 34 salaries.

Salesforce Developer Salaries Based on Employer

In general, larger corporations or brands that have a larger client base tend to offer the highest compensation to Salesforce Developers. Top organizations for this job title include Cognizant, Accenture, and Deloitte. The highest reported salary is at Infosys Limited, with an average compensation of $749,238. Deloitte and Accenture Technology Solutions also offer high salaries, with payments of about 700,000 and 610,419, respectively. Capgemini pays the least at approximately 455,904, while Tata Consultancy Services Limited and Accenture are among the lowest payers in this range, with salaries of 500,000 and 558,500, respectively.

Salesforce Developer Salaries by Location

The salary of a Salesforce Developer is affected by the location of the company. Keep in mind that living expenses are higher in larger cities. In Bangalore, Karnataka, employees with the job title Salesforce Developer earn 26.4% more than the national average. The same job titles also earn more in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (7.9% more), and Pune, Maharashtra (3.5% more). On the other hand, Noida, Uttar Pradesh (23.2% less), New Delhi, Delhi (8.1% less), and Mumbai, Maharashtra have the lowest earnings (4.4% less).

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Salary for Salesforce Developers Based on Skills

Most Salesforce developers have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent experience. Strong analytical skills and knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), .NET programming and Model-View-Controller architectural pattern are a must.

The chart below shows that expertise in Salesforce, Apex, and VisualForce are necessary for Salesforce developers. Though lesser-known, JavaScript and software development skills are still essential.

Salary is determined by several factors, and the table below depicts the most common skills that impact compensation:

| Skill Area | Impact on compensation |
| System Administration | High |
| Java/J2EE | High |
| Software Development | Medium |
| Administration | Medium |
| Java | Low |
| RESTful Web Services | Low |
| JavaScript | Low |
| Salesforce | High |
| Apex | High |

Salesforce Engineer Salaries in Different Countries

Below is a breakdown of the expected salaries for Salesforce engineers, depending on their location and level of expertise.

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Salesforce Developer Salaries in the US

The salary range for Salesforce Developers in the US varies by experience level:

Junior Level: $111,103
Mid-Level: $141,201
Senior Level: $159,299
Average: $79,000 - $138,000

Note: These numbers are estimates and may vary based on factors such as location and company size.

Salesforce Developer Salaries in Canada

According to industry data, the salaries for Salesforce Developers in Canada are as follows:

  • Junior Level: $98,744
  • Mid-Level: $119,786
  • Senior Level: $133,106
  • Average: $87,000 – $136,000

This data indicates that there is a potential for significant earnings growth for Salesforce Developers as they progress in their careers.


Here are the average salaries for different levels in the United Kingdom:

Junior Level: 50,659£
Mid-Level: 65,846£
Senior Level: 80,999£
Average: 500-700£

Salaray in Germany

Here are the average salaries in Germany by job level:

* Junior Level: 55,440€
* Mid-Level: 68,544€
* Senior Level: 80,640€


Here are the salary ranges for different levels of experience in Australia:

Junior Level: $121,737
Mid-Level: $138,257
Senior Level: $155,261
Average: $1,000-1,350

Note: The salary figures are in Australian dollars.

Effective Customer Management

Successful customer management is crucial for businesses to provide uninterrupted access to virtual platforms for shopping and inquiries. To achieve this, companies need efficient systems and skilled employees with expertise and experience. While the salaries for these employees vary based on their abilities and contributions to the organization, it is good to have an idea of the approximate salary range for Salesforce professionals in India.

Is Salesforce Development a Good Career?

Yes, Salesforce Development is a highly sought-after skillset globally. With various opportunities for advancement, it offers a great career path for professionals. The role of a Salesforce Developer is critical within the ecosystem and can be leveraged in several industries, roles, and specializations.

One can progress from the position of a Salesforce Developer to higher roles, such as Senior Developer, Architect, and Senior Architect, or venture into the training of others. Another avenue is to specialize in specific sectors as a Salesforce Industries Developer or Field Service Lightning Developer, utilizing the same knowledge as a standard employee.

Is Coding Required for Salesforce Development?

As a Salesforce Developer, your job is to create cloud-based solutions for managing and improving customer relationships. This involves designing, developing, and deploying cloud apps that can effectively analyze and distribute client management data.

Unlike other programming languages, Salesforce is a low-code or no-code application development platform which makes it possible for you to pursue a career in IT without any prior coding experience.

How to Become a Salesforce Developer?

To become a Salesforce Developer, it is beneficial to have a computer science degree with a focus on web development and certification through Salesforce’s training programs. This includes:

– Completing a degree or obtaining qualifications in web development, such as a Certificate IV in Web-based Technologies, a Diploma in Website Development, or a Bachelor’s degree with a website development concentration.
– Obtaining certification in Salesforce’s proprietary programming language through their training programs.
– Applying for positions with organizations that frequently use Salesforce products.

While a degree may not be required, having one and certifications can greatly improve your chance of getting hired in the field.

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