IQCode’s Top Android Projects with Source Code in 2023

Android Project Ideas for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Levels

Are you looking for some project ideas to improve your Android development skills? Here are some exciting ideas for beginners, intermediate and advanced level developers that will help you enhance your skills and provide you with a better understanding of Android development.

Android Project Ideas for Beginners:

  • Tic Tac Toe Game

  • Photo Management Application

  • News Application

  • Music Application

  • Tuition Notes Application

Intermediate Android Projects:

  • Online Exam Application

  • Online Voting System

  • Train Food Application

  • Women Safety Application

  • Online Vaccination

Advanced Android Project Ideas:

  • Panchayat Services Application

  • Women Jobs Application

  • E-Banking

  • Hostel Management Application

  • Ayurvedic Remedies Application

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. What is Kotlin vs Java?

  2. What is an API in Android?

  3. What can you make with Android Studio?

  4. What is the full form of APK?

  5. What is an SDK key?

These projects will provide you with a clear understanding of Android development, and the FAQs will answer all your doubts and queries. Give them a try and watch your coding skills soar!


Android is an open-source operating system for smartphones, tablets, and other devices. It is based on the Linux kernel and was first developed by the Open Handset Alliance. Google later took over the company and has released many versions of Android, including Lollipop, Marshmallow, Oreo, and others. Today, Android is used on the majority of mobile devices and is also used on devices like smartwatches and smart TVs. As a result, there is a high demand for skilled Android developers.

Learning to develop Android projects is an essential skill for Android developers. Building beginner to advanced level Android applications is the best and easiest way to learn Android development. To develop Android applications, you need a basic understanding of Java or Kotlin. In 2017, Kotlin became the official language for Android, but either Java or Kotlin can be used. These TOP 15 ANDROID PROJECTS are the perfect way to gain hands-on experience and improve your skills. This article includes source code for each project.

Android Project Ideas for Beginners

Here are five Android project ideas with source code that are perfect for beginners:

1. Simple Calculator
2. To-Do List App
3. Weather App using API
4. Quiz App
5. Tip Calculator App

These projects are easy to implement and will help beginners familiarize themselves with Android Studio and Java programming. Happy coding!

Tic Tac Toe Game

Tic Tac Toe is a two-player game played on a 3×3 grid where each player chooses either X or O. Players take turns placing their mark on the board, and the first player to get three in a row, whether horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, wins the game. The game is maintained by a 2D array in the backend, and a function checks for an empty box when the player clicks on it. The game alternates images between X and O, and once a player gets three in a row, the game ends.

Tools/Languages used: Android Studio, Java, XML.

Source Code available at:

Photo Management App

A great project for beginner Android developers is a photo management application. Users can view all the photos on their device in a grid layout and capture new photos that will be saved on the device. This project teaches important concepts such as accessing and storing data on Android devices, using the CameraX library for image capture, and image processing using Picasso or other libraries.

Tools/Languages: Android Studio, Java/Kotlin, CameraX library, Picasso.

Check out the source code here:

News App Using API

The News App project idea involves using an API to fetch news from a server and display it in a RecyclerView within the app. Users can click on a news item to view it in their mobile browser. To build this app, we’ll use libraries like Volley or Retrofit for network calls and image display. You can customize this project by adding different APIs.

Tools required for this project include Android Studio and either Java or Kotlin. Our source code is available on GitHub at


Develop a music application that allows the user to search and play songs in their phone storage. The application retrieves songs from the storage and lists them. It plays, pauses, and stops the selected song. You will gain experience with background services since the music app runs in the background with other apps. The app should use notifications for play, pause, previous song, and next song buttons.

Tools/Languages: Android Studio, Java/Kotlin, XML, and SQL for local database.

Check out the Music App project source code on GitHub:
Music App []

Tuition Tracker App

The Tuition Tracker App is an Android project that enables students and parents to track class attendance and access uploaded notes. The tutor will mark attendance and upload notes regularly, while students and parents can keep track of their progress through a dedicated module. To access the app, the admin, who is the tutor, will add students and parents who will then log in with their credentials. Students can view and download tuition notes in pdf format, while parents and students can review attendance records.

The required tools and languages for this project include Android Studio, Java or Kotlin, and JSON/XML. You can access the source code for the Notes App project on GitHub at [].

Intermediate Android Projects

Below are some intermediate Android project ideas that you can add to your resume or portfolio:

//TODO: Add code examples here

These projects will help you improve your skills and showcase your abilities to potential employers.

Online Exam Application

Conducting offline exams can be overwhelming, especially during times like Covid. Therefore, opting for an online exam application is the best option to conduct exams without much hassle. This project consists of two modules:

* Admin module – for scheduling exams, circulating notices, and managing candidate accounts
* Candidate module – for creating/deleting accounts, changing passwords, and taking exams.

Tools/languages required for this project include Android Studio, Java, XML, Android Emulator, Firebase authentication, and real-time database.

You can find the source code for this application on GitHub under the name “Exam App”.

Online Voting System

This mini voting system eliminates the need for long queues and waiting times. With our online voting system, voters can simply take a picture for facial recognition, confirm their identity with an OTP sent to their phone number, and vote hassle-free. The system has two modules – admin and user – where the admin creates and schedules voting, and users cast their votes. The system includes OTP generation, face recognition, and voting features.

Tools/Languages Used: Android Studio, XML, JAVA, Android Emulator.

Source Code:

Train Food Delivery Application

The Train Food Delivery Application is an Android project idea aimed at delivering food to passengers on long train journeys who may not like the food served at railway stations. The application consists of three modules: the restaurant/café, delivery person, and passengers. All three can log in to the application and select their user role.

Passengers can view a variety of food items on the home screen and place an order. They can then view the status of their order, along with the current location of the delivery person. Restaurants that log in can use admin features to add, update, or mark items as unavailable. They can view placed orders and prepare food accordingly. Delivery persons can see their orders with statuses like assigned, completed, or rejected.

The project requires Android location services, Android studio, Java or Kotlin, XML, Object-Oriented Programming, Firebase authentication and real-time database, libraries like Picasso and circular image library.

Women Safety App

This Android project idea aims to provide maximum safety to registered women. The app features a power button that when pressed thrice, notifies emergency contacts and sends the user’s location to the nearest police station. Three modules comprise the application: Admin for managing the app, User for registered women, and Guardian for the users’ well-wishers to register.

Moreover, an in-built shake detector sends SOS messages with the last known location and Google Map link to registered contacts when the device shakes.

To develop this app, tools and languages such as Android Studio, Xampp, Android SDK, Android Emulator, Java, basic XML, Firebase authentication, and realtime database are required.

//Code for Women Safety App
//Add code here

Plain text:
Women Safety Application for Android with features like emergency notification and in-built shake detector sending SOS messages with relevant location details. Uses Android Studio, Xampp, Android SDK, Java, Firebase authentication, real-time database, and XML.

Online Vaccination

Infants and toddlers have low immunity levels, making them susceptible to infections and diseases. Vaccination is therefore essential. This app will gather relevant data about babies and help them get vaccinated to avoid potential harm. The app will consist of two modules:

Admin Module: Admins can post available vaccination slots, generate reports, vaccination certificates and fetch user records to ascertain vaccination status.
User Module: Users can register and log in to view available vaccination slots, book appointments, download vaccination certificates, and monitor their vaccination doses.

Tools and Languages required: Android Studio, Java, XML, and User Interface.
Source Code: Vaccination

Note: Link has been removed as no external link is allowed.

Advanced Android Project Ideas

In this section, we will explore some advanced Android project ideas.

Panchayat Services Application

An Android application for villagers to avail of panchayat services and file complaints easily. It also provides updates on upcoming projects and programs. The application has two modules: 1) Admin module for admins to view and alter user details, and 2) User module for villagers to make an account and access all facilities and schemes offered.

Tools/Languages Used: Android Studio with Java and XML, chatbox, Firebase Authentication, and real-time database.

GitHub Link:

Women’s Job Application

This app connects working women and those seeking employment, providing access to a variety of job opportunities. Users can upload resumes, links, and job-specific details, while recruiters can post job descriptions, search for qualified candidates, and directly communicate with applicants via an in-app chat feature. To simplify the interview process, the app also integrates a video conferencing tool.

Tools and languages required include Android Studio, Java programming, Firebase authentication, and real-time database.

Source code for the Recruitment App can be found on GitHub at

Smart Banking

Smart Banking is an advanced android application that serves as a mediator between users and banks for easy access to services. It allows users to create and manage their accounts, change passwords, transfer money online, and view their transaction history within the app. The app presents a login screen on startup, prompting users to log in with existing profiles or create a new account. Once logged in, the dashboard includes menu options such as Account Overview, Transactions, Deposits, Payments, Transfers, Profile Settings, and Logout.

Tools / Languages: Android Studio, Java, JSON, SQLite Database.

Source Code: Github []

// sample code can be added here

Hostel Management System

This application helps hostel managers monitor hostellers’ timings and daily entries. There are three modules:

  • Admin: Manages the details and accounts of the hostellers. It monitors activities such as in and out timings and mess attendance.
  • Hosteller: Allows the hostellers to check their entry and exit timings.
  • Staff: Updates the timings of hostellers and marks their mess attendance.

    Tools/Languages: Android Studio, Android Emulator, Java, Firebase, and libraries such as Butterknife and Glide.

    Source Code: Hostel App []

    // code goes here


    This app offers solutions for various diseases using Ayurveda. Users enter health-related details for consultants to offer solutions accordingly. The app offers two modules: an admin module for doctors to view posted health issues and a user module where users post health history to get Ayurvedic solutions and detailed reports. This app features a payment gateway for users to pay consultation fees, download medical receipts and receive expert advice.

    TOOLS & LANGUAGES: Android Studio, XML, JAVA for frontend; PHP and SQL using XAMPP for the backend.

    Top 15 Android Project Ideas for Skill Improvement

    Here are some Android project ideas that you can use to improve your skills and take them to a new level. These projects will provide a new perspective to your learning and help you discover new things. After completing building an app, try publishing it on Google Play to get an idea about publishing apps. So, select any of these ideas and step into the world of Android app development.

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    Kotlin vs Java: Which one to choose for Android development?

    Java has been the primary language for Android development for over two decades, while Kotlin is a newer language that offers faster coding and compiling due to its smaller code size. Java ensures a faster application experience with its compact and light size. The choice between the two languages depends on project requirements and personal interest. Beginners are recommended to start with Java.

    What is an API in Android?

    An API, which stands for Application Programming Interface, is a set of instructions and programming standards that facilitate communication with a database or web tool. An API allows the exchange of data between a user and a website by executing commands and receiving and sending data. The majority of web APIs process HTTP requests and format the data in either JSON or XML. Several popular web APIs include Google, Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter.

    What Can You Build with Android Studio?

    Android Studio is an all-in-one platform for building apps on various Android devices such as phones, tablets, Watches, TVs, and cars. It enables seamless editing of C/C++ project files, significantly speeding up the process of integrating JNI components to your app. Android Studio also includes a Firebase Assistant, which simplifies connecting your app to Firebase and adding services like analytics, verification, alerts, and more with a user-friendly step-by-step process.

    What is APK?

    APK is an acronym for Android Application Package. It is a file format used to install applications in the Android operating system. The application components are pre-assembled and packed into a single file within the APK file. APK files can be saved in compressed zip format and can be opened using an unzip tool. The extension can also be converted to .zip.

    What is an SDK Key?

    An SDK key is required to activate and authenticate a Software
    Development Kit, which includes a specific set of development tools needed by developers to create applications for a given platform. Platforms generate and provide an SDK key to developers, who use it to access the software development kit.

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