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PHP Projects for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Developers

PHP is a popular server-side scripting language used to create dynamic web pages. For beginners looking to improve their PHP skills or for intermediate and advanced developers seeking new project ideas, here are 16 project ideas to consider:

Beginner PHP Projects:

  1. Chatbot for Students
  2. Doctor Portal
  3. Clothes Recommendation System
  4. Product Rating System using Consumer Reviews
  5. Automatic Time Table Creation

Intermediate PHP Projects:

  1. Ad Dispenser Server
  2. Movie Recommendation App
  3. Predictive Model for Customer Behavior
  4. Image Processing and Generation
  5. Facebook Application Development

Advanced PHP Projects:

  1. E-Commerce Website
  2. Online Shopping Project
  3. Social Networking Website
  4. Online Blood Bank
  5. Online Voting System
  6. WordPress Plugins

Whether you’re looking to develop your skills in PHP or expand your web development portfolio, these projects offer a range of challenges to improve your abilities and provide valuable experience for your coding career.


  1. Q.1: Top PHP Projects Ideas
    A. The above-listed projects are great ideas for PHP projects.
  2. Q.2: What kind of projects is PHP used for?
    A. PHP is used for server-side web development, including web applications, e-commerce sites, content management systems (CMS), social networking platforms, and more.
  3. Q.3: Is it difficult to learn PHP?
    A. While there is a learning curve, PHP is generally considered easy to learn and has a wealth of online resources available for beginners.
  4. Q.4: How do I start a project in PHP?
    A. To start a PHP project, first decide on the desired outcome and create a plan for achieving it. Then, set up a development environment, such as installing a local server and choosing a code editor. From there, begin coding your project in PHP.
  5. Q.5: Is PHP worth learning in 2023?
    A. PHP is a widely-used, stable, and established programming language with plenty of job opportunities available. Learning PHP in 2023 can be a valuable asset to any developer’s skillset.

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Best PHP Project Ideas for Beginners, Amateurs, and Experts

PHP is an open-source scripting language widely used in web development. It’s essential to have practical knowledge of PHP to become a PHP Developer. Working on real-time projects is the best way to improve your skills and gain experience. In this article, we have listed some of the best PHP project ideas for beginners, amateurs, and experts to work on.

Some of the significant qualities of PHP are:

* Design static and dynamic websites
* Create desktop applications
* Utilize hashing techniques
* Enable cross-platform development
* Connect to databases and execute operations like updating and documenting data.

One of the PHP project ideas is to create a CRUD application that performs Create, Read, Update and Delete operations on a database. With PHP, basic system functions are easy to handle, and you can also encrypt data and limit user access to specific pages. You can use PHP with multiple databases like Informix, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, etc.

Start working on open-source codes available on GitHub, and uncover new opportunities in the web development space to improve your PHP programming skills.

Project Ideas for PHP Beginners

As a beginner in PHP, it’s best to start with easy projects that can be completed within a few hours and with minimum resources. Here are some project ideas to consider:

  • Simple calculator
  • To-do list
  • Guestbook
  • User authentication system
  • Weather app using an API

These projects are ideal for beginners and can be accomplished without the need for assistance from other programmers. They not only strengthen your PHP skills but also help in gaining experience in debugging and troubleshooting code issues.

Chatbot for Students

This PHP project utilizes artificial intelligence for a chatbot to analyze user messages and respond to student queries. The chatbot can be easily integrated into a college website to provide assistance to students. If the chatbot is unable to provide accurate responses, users can provide feedback to enhance accuracy. This project requires knowledge of PHP, UI, and AI.


Portal for Doctors

A PHP project that tackles tedious appointment booking for patients and doctors. The portal allows patients to schedule appointments based on doctor’s availability, and doctors can handle their appointments with ease. Additional features can be added, like incorporating patients’ medical records into the database.

Check out the source code on GitHub:

Clothing Recommendation System

This project aims to create a recommendation system for an online clothing store using PHP. By collecting user data from their browsing history, wishlist, and past purchases, a personalized suggestion can be provided to the consumer. The system utilizes collaborative filtering to suggest products that are similar to other users with similar interests. This kind of system is a popular feature in e-commerce stores, and Amazon’s recommendation system is considered one of the most effective. To get started on this project, take a look at Amazon’s system for inspiration.

Check out the source code for this project on GitHub:

Creating a Product Rating System Based on Consumer Reviews

A product rating system can greatly improve user experience and help companies serve their customers better. This algorithm will keep track of customer reviews and analyze keywords for sentiment analysis, providing an average rating for the product. You can use existing open-source solutions or create your own. Check out this GitHub repo for an example: [].

Automatic Time Table Creation

In this project, you will design a custom algorithm that creates a timetable object. This object will have options for various classrooms as class objects with a fitness score. The fitness score will depend on when the timetable clashes due to different calendars of the classes. The class object will contain week objects, which will consist of days and time slots. Additionally, they should have an address where the student and teacher are related.

// Code not provided in the given text.

Intermediate PHP Projects

As an intermediate PHP developer, you have moved beyond the beginner level but may not yet be fully proficient in advanced PHP programming. At this stage, you need to work on more complex projects than the basic options. Here is a list of recommended PHP projects that will help you become a pro PHP developer.

Ad Dispenser Server

To automate ad displays on a website, you can create an Ad Dispenser Server that shows ads to customers based on the keywords they explore. This leads to targeted advertising and increased conversions. The server is built using PHP best practices, Composer, and PHPUnit.

To run the Ad Dispenser Server, you will need to have Apache HTTP server 2.2 installed.

Here is the source code for the Ad Dispenser Server:

//code goes here

Movie Recommendation App

This PHP project requires skills in Composer, design patterns, PHPUnit, and PHP best practices. The app will suggest movie recommendations based on a customer’s viewing history. Similar to Netflix, this app will offer a customized experience for each user.

Check out the source code on GitHub:

Predictive Model for Customer Behavior

This PHP web application uses machine learning and AI to predict customer behavior by analyzing their online history. It is perfect for market research and can be used for e-commerce sites, blogs, or any applications that rely on repeat visitors. Knowledge of programming, Composer, PHP best practices, and PHPUnit is necessary.

Check out the source code for the Predictive Model on GitHub:

Image Processing and Generation using PHP

To create a captivating web application, PHP, along with GD Graphics Library, Exif, Gmagick, and ImageMagick, can be used to modify images. This will enable the webpage to handle different image sizes, including thumbnails and full-size images. Solid experience in PHPUnit, programming, and PHP best practices, as well as proficiency with Composer, are necessary for this task.

Check out the source code here:

Facebook Application Development

To develop and monetize a Facebook app, you need PHP skills and a grasp of AWS SDK for PHP, Composer, PHPUnit, and PHP best practices. Facebook has a vast developer community with abundant resources. Developers can craft interactive games for Facebook, such as a chess game or a horoscope app, among other unique options.

Find the source code for Facebook Application Development here: []

PHP code goes here

Challenging PHP Projects for Experienced Developers

If you are comfortable with intermediate-level PHP projects, you can move on to tackle more advanced projects. Here are some examples:

// Some code examples of advanced projects
class EcommerceWebsite { /* … */ }
class ContentManagementSystem { /* … */ }
class SocialNetworkingSite { /* … */ }

These projects will provide a greater challenge to developers with more skill and experience in PHP programming.


Create an e-commerce website using PHP, Ajax, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The website should have:

  • Product catalog
  • Shopping cart
  • User accounts
  • Admin panel
  • Ability to manage product details (add or remove products)

Source code: Available on GitHub –

Online Shopping System Project

This project enables customers to shop online and store product details on the server-side using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL for the frontend and backend. Real-time electronic transactions are conducted interactively. Key features include managing shopping items, account creation, and customer support via email.

Check out the source code for the project here:

Social Networking Website

With Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL, you can create a social networking site like Facebook. The site features a user or admin login, friend search, friend/unfriend, and private messaging.

Check out the source code on GitHub:

Online Blood Bank

Managing a blood bank can be arduous, but an online application can streamline the process. Our application, built with HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL, will handle the details of blood donors, blood groups in each blood bank, and improve their overall functionality. Key features of the app include:

– Donor registration
– Inventory management for blood bank storage
– Contact information for eligible blood donors
– Transfer of blood between banks

Check out the source code for our Blood Bank and Donation Management System on GitHub:

Online Voting System

This project is a popular solution to the problem of long queues and corruption in voting systems. Created with Bootstrap, PHP, Javascript, and CSS, it includes features such as login/logout, managing positions, candidates, and administrators, updating profiles, checking poll results, and giving votes. Users can register, log in, update their profile, choose voting positions, and give their votes. The source code for this project can be found on GitHub:

Developing WordPress Plugins

If you want to make some money by building a WordPress plugin, here’s how you can do it. Think of a plugin that can add value to the WordPress users’ experience. For instance, a search engine optimization or grammar plugin can be a good start. Build it using PHP and test it on your WordPress site. The skills you require are Composer, programming, PHPUnit, and knowledge of PHP best practices.

Find the source code for WordPress plugins here –


Our list of PHP projects with source code is a valuable resource for improving your PHP skills. Through building these projects and practicing, you will gain insight into how real-world projects function. Choose an idea from our list or come up with your own unique project to work on. We hope you found our suggestions useful and enjoyable.

Top PHP Project Ideas

Here are some project ideas that you can work on using PHP:

  1. A student chatbot
  2. An online portal for doctors
  3. A clothes recommendation system
  4. A product rating system based on consumer reviews
  5. An automatic timetable creation system
  6. An ad dispenser server
  7. A movie recommendation app
  8. A predictive model for customer behavior
  9. Image processing and generation
  10. A Facebook application
  11. An e-commerce website
  12. An online shopping project
  13. A social networking website
  14. An online blood bank
  15. An online voting system
  16. WordPress plugins


  1. A student chatbot
  2. An online portal for doctors
  3. A clothes recommendation system
  4. A product rating system based on consumer reviews
  5. An automatic timetable creation system
  6. An ad dispenser server
  7. A movie recommendation app
  8. A predictive model for customer behavior
  9. Image processing and generation
  10. A Facebook application
  11. An e-commerce website
  12. An online shopping project
  13. A social networking website
  14. An online blood bank
  15. An online voting system
  16. WordPress plugins


Projects PHP is Suitable for

PHP is a commonly used language for various web projects including:

  1. Social Networking Websites
  2. Content-based Web Pages (such as News Sites and Blogs)
  3. Enterprise-specific Software (including CRM solutions and CMS)
  4. E-Commerce Software Solutions

Is PHP difficult to learn?

PHP is actually considered one of the easier programming languages to understand, with a strong ecosystem of resources available for beginners. Additionally, its syntax is forgiving to newcomers. If you’re having trouble grasping PHP, it likely depends on your experience with programming.

// Sample PHP code here

How to Start a PHP Project

To start a PHP project:
1. Open your IDE and select File > Open Project.
2. Choose “New PHP Project” from the available options and click “Open Project”.
3. The project’s files will appear in the Projects window and the editor.
4. Begin by writing your PHP code in the editor.
5. You can then run your PHP code by selecting the file and clicking the “Run” button.
Make sure to save your files frequently so you don’t lose any changes.

Is PHP still relevant in 2023?

PHP is an open-source programming language that is free and highly scalable, supporting all major browsers. Despite rumors of its demise, PHP is still widely used and is not expected to become obsolete anytime soon. As a result, learning PHP in 2023 and beyond remains worthwhile, given the numerous available job opportunities for new developers.

//Sample code demonstrating PHP's functionality
$variable1 = "Hello";
$variable2 = "World";
echo $variable1 . " " . $variable2 . "!";

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