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Exploring Angular

Angular is a powerful JavaScript framework that allows developers to create exquisite and effective single-page applications. Angular was originally called AngularJS since it was written in JS. However, with version 2.x and onwards, it is now called Angular as it is written in TypeScript.

In today’s world, technology plays a significant role in making people’s lives simpler and more efficient. Angular is a technology that has been adopted by various sectors worldwide to empower people with time and money. It has also become the next big thing for modern-day technology enthusiasts, as it has the potential to transform the way we do business and gain services.

With Angular project ideas, programmers can develop services and products that cater to a broader audience and make daily tasks easier. The passion for simplified things among people has led to a greater demand for smoother and more user-friendly web applications and websites. Angular can help achieve this goal while cutting down on expenses and saving time.

While there are numerous benefits to using Angular, there are also some cons, such as a steep learning curve and compatibility issues with other frameworks. Nonetheless, Angular remains a popular choice for developers who wish to create powerful and dynamic web applications.

In conclusion, Angular is a valuable tool for developers, offering endless possibilities for web-based applications. Whether for beginners or advanced coders, there are various Angular project ideas to explore, making it a must-try for anyone interested in developing cutting-edge web applications.

What is Angular?

Angular is a powerful framework used for developing single-page applications. It offers various features that cut down on code and reduces the effort required for building an application. Angular is based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, facilitating a modular approach to application development. Each view in the application is described in HTML and includes a JavaScript controller module and a model for interaction.

Angular is highly scalable and can be used for large applications. It comprises a set of JavaScript files that can be included based on the performance required for the application. Instead of a single large JavaScript file, a core file with major framework features can be used along with other modules for adding functionality.

Moreover, Angular offers several modules like Resource and Route, which can be included in the application based on the requirement. Angular and its various modules can be installed in an application conveniently through package managers like NPM, NuGet, or Bower.

Difference between AngularJS and Angular

Angular is a better version of AngularJS written in typescript, which is an excellent way to make dynamic web applications. Angular has a simple and modular design and is much faster than AngularJS. Unlike Angular, which is documented on JavaScript, AngularJS refers to all v1.x versions of Angular and can modify static HTML to dynamic HTML. Let’s look at the differences between the two:

– Architecture: While AngularJS uses the Model-View-Controller design, Angular creates components and directives.
– Written Language: AngularJS is written in JavaScript, and Angular is written in Microsoft’s TypeScript language.
– Mobile Support: AngularJS does not support mobile browsers, but Angular is supported by all popular mobile browsers.
– Expression Syntax: AngularJS uses NG-BIND to bind data from the view to the model, whereas Angular uses properties within “()” and “[]” to bind data between them.
– Dependency Injection: AngularJS does not utilise Dependency Injection, but Angular does.

Angular project ideas

To gain a better understanding of Angular, it’s essential to practice designing projects. When selecting an Angular project, consider your skill level, objectives, and interests. Choose a project that is challenging enough to help you grow but not too challenging that you may get stuck. Pick a project that allows you to demonstrate your skills and build a strong portfolio.

Consider your long-term goals and choose projects that align with them. It’s crucial to select projects that you’re interested in as it will keep you motivated to go above and beyond to make your Angular project standout.

Top Angular Projects for Beginners

If you’re new to Angular, these beginner projects can help you get started:

1. To-Do List App
2. Weather App
3. Recipe Finder
4. Movie Database Search
5. Quiz App

These projects will teach you the basics of Angular, including components, services, and routing. They are also a great way to practice your skills and build your portfolio.

Soundnode: An Angular Project for Beginners

Soundnode is a great project for young developers who want to hone their skills. It uses electron, Angular, and Node.js to help you design Soundcloud projects for desktop applications. It’s an open-source project that uses the Soundcloud API to enable music streaming on Linux, Windows, and Mac. You can handle music search, follow/unfollow users, and create playlists in addition to streaming and display functionalities. Although Soundcloud limits 3rd party apps to 15,000 audio tracks per day, you can listen to 15,000 songs every day. It’s an amazing project that can boost your skills while providing fun and features like native media keyboard shortcuts, simple navigation, and searching for new songs. You can download the source code from the Github repository.

Weather App

The Weather App is a simple Angular project suitable for beginners. It involves designing an app that displays weather forecasts. For starters, fake, hard-coded data can be utilized until all the features are fully developed. Building a weather app is ideal for beginners as it involves managing data and designing the interface. You begin by implementing basic functionalities such as temperature, sunrise/sunset time, climate map, then move to advanced features such as data visualization with animations, wind or rain prediction. You can access the source code at

Advanced Content Management and Planning Software


This software simplifies content management and planning, surpassing that of content strategists and bloggers. It’s a popular Angular project, and definitely worth exploring.

– Business owners can integrate these software packages into their ERPs
– The software has a high earning potential

Access the source code here: []

Build a Notepad Application using Angular

A great project for beginners in Angular is to create a notepad application. You can start by using Angular CLI, Node.js, and Bootstrap with Node Package Manager. The app allows you to take notes, just like in a digital notebook, which can be written and saved. Users can view, edit, or delete the notes when needed on return. The notes are arranged based on the date when they were last opened. You can download the source code from this link:

Intermediate Angular Projects

This is a collection of intermediate-level projects built with Angular. The projects come with full source code that you can use to learn and improve your Angular skills.

Code: “`Act like API.“`

Angular Bare Bones Project

Angular Bare Bones is a beginner-friendly Angular project that showcases Angular routing. It provides several routing components including RouterModule, RouterLink, RouterOutlet, and other imported routes. The code is easy to serve and understand.

To run the project, first install Node.js, then Angular CLI (via npm install -g @angular/cli). After that, run npm install to install app dependencies, and lastly ng serve -o to launch the application based on the event-driven Angular model.

You can download the code from this Github link: [].

URL Shortener Project

The URL Shortener project is a popular and fascinating Angular project suitable for intermediate-level programmers. You can use Polr, which is an open-source application that employs MySQL as the primary database and has an extensive interface for managing your links. Utilize the tool’s capability to incorporate themes and personalize your shortened URLs. To design your own URL shortener, you can use TypeScript, Express, and MongoDB. You can also host it on your domain to make the URLs concise, brand them, and provide an overall modern appearance. Be sure to check out the Polr repository to learn more about the project. You can download the code from the given GitHub repository, which includes the Angular client code.

Event Management Application

This web-based application is ideal for companies and organizations with multiple stores or outlets to better organize their events. It can also be used by brands and societies.


  • Easy business management for companies
  • Invitations can be sent to all stores and people in a community
  • Finds community hall availability and allows for bookings

The code for this application can be downloaded from GitHub:

Simple Currency Converter

This easy-to-use application allows users from around the world to quickly check currency rates and values for various currencies, such as pounds, dollars, and rupees. The app can help with travel expenses, education expenses, and financial market calculations. Additionally, features like incorporating multiple countries, reviewing historical data and future fluctuations, and implementing auto-select based on location can make the app even more exciting. The app can be visually appealing with beautiful designs and price configurations. Download the code from this GitHub repository: Code:

//code for Simple Currency Converter

function convertCurrency(amount, fromCurrency, toCurrency) {
//function definition here
return convertedAmount;

var result = convertCurrency(100, ‘USD’, ‘EUR’);

Advanced Angular Projects with Source Code

Sample code and projects demonstrating advanced Angular concepts

Storybook: A Tool for UI Component Creation

Storybook is an open-source tool that allows you to create Vue, Angular, and React UI components in isolation. This unique tool can run outside of an application, which makes it possible to design UI components that enhance testing, reusability, and development speed. Storybook has a user-friendly API that can be easily configured and extended to suit your needs. It includes many add-ons for component design, testing, and documentation. With Storybook, you don’t have to worry about application-specific dependencies. Download the code from GitHub at [].

// Code goes here

Angular JumpStart

Angular JumpStart is a complete application that demonstrates many of the key features of the Angular framework. The project includes features like TypeScript classes, System.js module loading, route determination, Custom Components, Directives, Pipes, Http object for Ajax calls, and data binding syntax. It also has optional features like Webpack module loading and Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) support. You can download the code from Github.

Compodoc: A Comprehensive Documentation Tool for Angular Apps

Compodoc is a powerful and efficient documentation tool for Angular applications. It can generate static documentation for standard Angular APIs, including common classes, components, injectables, routes, modules, and pipes. With eight pre-designed themes inspired by popular documentation tools like Stripe, Gitbook, Material design and more, Compodoc provides a sleek and professional look to your documentation. One of its strongest features is its powerful search engine, lunr.js. When you work with Angular-CLI projects, Compodoc’s unique support enables you to design and display documentation content on the right side while keeping the primary endpoints on the left side. Additionally, it creates a table of contents in the documentation using the elements identified during parsing.

Get your hands on Compodoc today and enjoy its ease of use and comprehensive documentation for all your Angular projects. Get the code here

Game Analyzer

Game testing is critical before a game can be released to the public. A good game should be both entertaining and clear. However, current game testing algorithms are difficult to use. The Angular-based Game Analyzer can revolutionize game development and make it much easier for designers and programmers. By speaking to potential users, developers can make adjustments and improvements to their products. This project idea is popular because it provides opportunities for customers to leave positive feedback and enhance their gaming experience. However, it’s crucial to have knowledge of game development and design and cultivate a gamer’s attitude to ensure maximum client satisfaction. Click HERE to download the code.

Benefits of Angular

Angular is a next-generation framework that offers various benefits to web developers. Here are some benefits of using Angular:

  • Angular provides a consolidated toolset where every tool functions interdependently with each other, making it simpler to use.
  • Angular is easy to learn, offering many free courses and tutorials to get started.
  • The two-way binding feature of Angular synchronizes the model and the view, streamlining the presentation layer of the web app.
  • Angular is declarative, utilizing HTML to describe the UI, and providing a WYSIWYG approach to app development, which saves time and resources.
  • Angular supports both unit and end-to-end testing, making it effortless to test web applications, detect flaws, and save time.
  • Angular requires less code, making it easier to write data models without getters/setters and distilling data into the view automatically.
  • Filters in Angular refine data for effective display, create sortable HTML tables, and handle data transformations without the need to modify controllers.

Cons of Using Angular

JavaScript Support is Mandatory

If a user’s device has disabled support for JavaScript, they will not be able to access Angular-based web applications or websites. This can result in fewer benefits for your web properties compared to plain HTML-based websites.

Inexperience with MVC Architecture

If you are not familiar with Model-View-Controller (MVC) patterns, it may be time-consuming to utilize Angular. This may not be the best approach if you have strict deadlines to meet. However, you can hire an expert to help you unlock the framework’s benefits.

Complicated Scopes

Scopes are arranged hierarchically and can be complex to manage if you are new to Angular. Debugging scopes can also be challenging.

Other Challenging Features

Directives, factories, dependency injections, and other Angular features can also be difficult for conventional programmers to use. You can either spend time learning them or hire a professional Angular development team.

Possible Time Consumption

Angular may overload browsers, especially on older devices, resulting in slower rendering times. However, this issue is limited to older devices, and modern mobile devices don’t have this problem.


In conclusion, we have analyzed the best Angular projects for beginners, intermediate-level, and professional developers. To improve your coding skills and build exceptional applications with confidence, it’s important to keep learning and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the Angular world. Practice these projects to hone your skills and gain expertise in Angular. Take your Angular skills to the next level by working on these projects and putting your knowledge into practice.


Q: What can Angular do?
A: Angular is a structural framework for creating dynamic web applications. It allows you to use HTML as your template language, extends HTML’s syntax to indicate application components, and eliminates the need for much of the code you would typically need to document.

Q: How do I create an Angular project?
To create an Angular project:

  1. Create a folder on your desktop called “First-Angular-Project”.
  2. Copy the folder path to your clipboard.
  3. Open Visual Studio Code.
  4. Go to “File” > “Open Folder” and choose “First-Angular-Project” from the desktop.

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