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Front End Developer Salary: Expectations and Factors

A front end developer is a professional who works on the client-side of a website or application. Their job is to create an interactive and seamless user experience. With the growing demand for digital products, front end developers are in high demand and can earn a competitive salary.

Front End Developer Salary in India

In India, the median salary for front end developers is around ₹5,50,000 per annum. However, this can vary depending on experience, location, and skills.

Who is a Front End Developer?

A front end developer is a professional who specializes in creating and maintaining the user interface of a website or application. They work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build visually appealing and responsive designs that users can interact with.

What does a Front End Developer do?

A front end developer is responsible for designing and implementing the user interface of a website or application. They ensure that the design is responsive, visually appealing, and easy to navigate for users. Additionally, they work closely with back end developers to ensure that the front end and back end systems integrate seamlessly.

What are the Skills Required to be a Front End Developer?

Front end developers require a diverse set of skills, including fluency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They should also be comfortable using front end frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue. Knowledge of version control systems such as Git and SVN and experience with cross-browser compatibility testing is also essential.

What are the Factors that Affect Front End Developer Salaries in India?

The salary for a front end developer is impacted by factors such as experience, location, and skills. Front end developers in metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai typically earn more than those in smaller towns. Additionally, senior developers with more experience and highly specialized skills can command a higher salary.

What are the Front End Developer Salaries in Other Countries?

The front end developer salary varies widely across countries. In the United States, the median salary for a front end developer is around $76,000 per annum. In the United Kingdom, the median salary is around £35,000 per annum.

How to Prepare for Front End Interviews?

Preparing for a front end interview requires understanding the concepts of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Practicing coding exercises and building personal projects can also help you improve your skills and showcase your abilities to prospective employers.


A career in front end development can be both rewarding and lucrative. With the right skills and experience, front end developers can command a competitive salary. Additionally, with the growing demand for digital products, the demand for front end developers is expected to rise in the coming years.


Q: What is the average salary for a front end developer in India?

A: The median salary for a front end developer in India is around ₹5,50,000 per annum.

Q: What skills are required to be a front end developer?

A: Front end developers require skills such as fluency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, front end frameworks such as React and Angular, and knowledge of version control systems such as Git and SVN, and experience with cross-browser compatibility testing.

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Front End Developer Salary in the US

In today’s tech-driven world, web development has become an essential part of our lives. Web developers are programmers who specialize in developing web apps for a client-server model. Among the three main types of web development (front end, back end, and full stack), the front end developer is responsible for creating the visual aspect of websites.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, web developer employment is projected to grow 27% from 2014 to 2024. This growth rate is faster than the average for all occupations, and front end developers are in high demand.

If you are considering becoming a front end developer, you may be wondering how much you can expect to earn. The average salary for front end developers in the US is $76,000 per year, with a range of $48,000 to $125,000 depending on location, experience, and company size.

Overall, front end development is a lucrative and in-demand career path that can offer plenty of opportunities for growth and advancement.

Front End Developer Salary in India

Salary is a critical factor when deciding on a career. For front-end developers in India, the average salary is INR 487,700 per year, according to PayScale. However, the amount varies based on experience and skillset and can range from INR 260,000 to INR 1,200,000 annually.

A LinkedIn survey shows the average monthly base salary, bonuses, profit sharing, and compensation for front-end developers.

Different tech-cities in India offer front-end developers various wages. Here are the average front-end developer salaries in some of India’s leading cities, ranging from INR 471,114 to INR 626,419 annually.

See the table below for a detailed breakdown of ranges for base salary, bonus, profit sharing, and total compensation.

INR 122,400 – INR 3,740 – INR 0 – INR 131,140 –
INR 1,400,000 INR 187,900 INR 221,900 INR 1,809,800

What Is a Front End Developer?

A front end developer is responsible for creating the interactive part of a website that clients or users interact with. They handle the implementation of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create forms, dropdowns, menus, sliders, and other website features.

The job of a front end developer combines both design and programming, requiring expertise in structure, design, content, and functionality. They bring designs to life, creating an environment that users can interact with easily.

In addition to design, front end developers are also responsible for ensuring optimal display across different browsers and devices. They code websites to be adaptive to various screen sizes, ensuring that the user has the same experience whether they visit the website on a mobile, desktop, or tablet device.

What Does a Front End Developer Do?

A front end developer is responsible for creating and maintaining the first things that users see when they visit a website. They use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to bring designs to life, optimize user experience, and ensure that sites work properly on a range of different devices. They may work with front end frameworks like Angular and React to build complex user interfaces, manage software workflows, follow SEO best practices, fix bugs, and test for usability.

Skills Required for Frontend Development

Frontend developers are responsible for a website’s client-facing part and architecture. They need to be adept in three main languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Additionally, they use libraries like Bootstrap, Foundation, ReactJS, VueJS, AngularJS, and EmberJS. CSS preprocessors like SASS are used for quicker development. Responsive design is a must, and developers interact with APIs and RESTful services.

Factors Affecting Front End Developer Salaries in India


When discussing the salary of a front end developer, several factors come into play in determining their annual income.

The level of experience is a significant factor in a front end developer’s salary. Based on PayScale data, entry-level developers (with less than a year of experience) make an average of ₹305,498 per annum, while mid-career developers (1-4 years of experience) earn ₹452,073 on average. Senior front end developers (5-9 years of experience) earn an average of ₹806,231, and those with 10+ years of experience earn around ₹1,435,000 annually. Experienced developers can earn up to 180% more than entry-level developers, while mid-level developers earn 70% more than the average salary.

The company can directly influence a front end developer’s salary in India. Top-tier companies may offer higher salaries, even to employees with less experience. Front end developer employment has increased in multinational companies, which have begun creating dedicated positions for them. Google has even started hiring UX/UI designers. Here is a list of the top companies and their average salaries for a front end developer role.

Geographic location is an essential factor in determining a front end developer’s salary. A front end developer in Gurgaon can earn an average salary of ₹626,419, whereas Bangalore offers an average of ₹518,817. In contrast, Chennai offers a lower amount at ₹471,114 annually due to diverse working conditions, clientele, and living costs across states.

Skills also influence the front end developer salary in India. JavaScript proficiency pays an average of ₹506,000 per annum, while React.js developers can earn around ₹589,000 per annum. Skills like Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and HTML5 pay less than market rates.

In conclusion, these figures provide an estimated idea of a front end developer’s earning potential in India. The actual salary may vary based on the employee’s skills and abilities.

Salaries of Front End Developers in Different Countries

The salary of front end developers varies from country to country due to differences in cost of living. Here are the average salaries of front end developers in some countries:

Country Average Salary
United States
California $119,222
New York $114,041
Washington $107,845
Massachusetts $107,553
Georgia $91,418
Colorado $89,884

United Kingdom $50,000
Germany $57,000

Canada $97,500 per year or $50 per hour
(entry-level positions start at $46,946 per year while
most experienced workers make up to $165,750 per year)

China $26,250 (entry-level)

Note: Salaries are in USD

Preparing for Front-End Job Interviews

As a new developer seeking employment, interviews can be intimidating. For front-end developers, interviews can be challenging since each employer has unique interviewing procedures and preferred skills. However, there are standard queries that employers commonly ask during interviews. With the right approach, you can pass these interviews with flying colors.

Preparing for the Interview

Before the interview, there are a few things you should do:

// Build a personal website to showcase your skills
// Create a one-page resume that highlights your experience
// Make a profile on GitHub to showcase your projects and community involvement

These steps can increase your chances of getting an interview and ultimately getting hired.

Essential Web Development Concepts for Interviews

To be a successful web developer, you must have a good understanding of how the web works and be proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. During interviews, companies expect you to showcase your knowledge in these areas. Here are some concepts to focus on:

A. Understanding The Web:
– Learn basic web development concepts.

B. HTML and CSS:
– Understand accessibility concerns, meta tags, layout, box-model, responsive design, specificity, CSS Sprites and Animations.

C. JavaScript:
– Understand DOM manipulation, prototypal inheritance, scoping and binding, closures, async javascript, function and variable hoisting and more.

It is also important to have some knowledge regarding data structures and algorithms, including linked lists, graphs, trees, hash tables, and common sorting techniques.

Front End Development: An Evergreen Career Choice

The internet is constantly changing and becoming more integral in our lives. As a result, front end development is in high demand. Choosing a career in front end development can provide stability and a consistent income for years to come.

Are Front-End Developers Well-Paid in the US?

Front-end developer salaries in the US vary based on skills, experience, and company. Those who possess high-demand skills can easily earn above-average pay. When factoring in additional perks, it’s safe to say that front-end developers are well-compensated.

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Which pays more: backend or frontend?

Backend developers typically earn a higher average salary than front-end developers due to the technical complexity of their role. However, salary negotiation for both roles depends on individual skills and experience.

Frontend vs Backend: Difficulty and Future Trends

It is commonly believed that frontend is easier than backend, which might be true for beginners. However, mastering either requires hard work and patience.

Despite the availability of website builders like WordPress and Wix, frontend development is not dying. Customization, reusable components, and faster website creation demand expertise in frontend development.

As web usage continues to grow, frontend remains crucial as it facilitates human interaction with the web. The trend has shifted from static to dynamic web pages and is moving towards decentralization. Therefore, frontend development is not dying but evolving in a new direction.

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