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Top 10 React Projects for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Developers

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 React projects for developers. The projects are categorised by three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Additionally, we have included some FAQs for those who are new to React. Let’s dive in!

Beginner-level React Projects

  1. React Notes Application
  2. React Pokemon App using PokeAPI
  3. React Weather Application
  4. React Cryptocurrency Application
  5. React Password Generator

Intermediate-level React Projects

  1. Photo Gallery Application
  2. React Chat Application
  3. React Movie and Series Application

Advanced-level React Projects

  1. Instagram Clone
  2. E-Commerce Application

We hope these projects will help you enhance your React development skills. If you have any questions, check out the FAQs below:


  • Q.1: Is React suitable for small projects?
  • Q.2: Is React still used?
  • Q.3: Can you build anything with React?
  • Q.4: Is React for frontend or backend?

Introduction to React and React Native

React is a popular front-end JavaScript library, created by Jordan Walke at Facebook. It allows developers to easily build large, single-page applications that can update data without reloading the page. React is open-source and is primarily used for building application UI.

Some key features of React include:

– The ability to create reusable UI components
– The use of virtual DOM, which allows for quick and flexible rendering of web applications
– Compatibility with JSX, a syntax similar to HTML for developing building blocks of the front-end
– The ability to build mobile applications with React Native, which provides access to native features on iOS and Android platforms
– Unidirectional data flow and component-based architecture, which allow for easy data transfer across the application

React Projects offer numerous advantages, including:

– Facilitation of custom component creation
– Boosted developer productivity
– Quick rendering
– SEO-friendliness
– Robust community support with tutorials and videos contributed by developers

React Native is a feature of React that allows for the building of mobile applications, compatible with iOS and Android platforms, using React code.

Top 10 React Projects

Here are some noteworthy React projects divided into three categories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced:

//Beginner Projects
1. To-do list app
2. Weather app
3. Recipe search app

//Intermediate Projects
4. Movie search app
5. E-commerce website
6. Social media app

//Advanced Projects
7. Chat app
8. Expense tracker app
9. Real-time multiplayer game
10. Music streaming app



Create a React app where users can write, save, delete and search notes. The notes appear on the UI as boxes. Use the GitHub Source code to create this app.


Create a fun React project using PokeAPI. Fetch the Pokemon characteristics via this API. Display the details of each Pokemon on a card, including their name, image and read more button. Also include a button to display more Pokemon cards.


Create an application to display the weather condition and temperature of a state using OpenWeather’s free API.


Use a free API to fetch the daily price updates of crypto coins and display them on your React app. Include a search bar allowing users to search coins by providing their names.


Create a React app where users can generate strong passwords with the flexibility to choose what to include like small letters, capital letters, special characters or numbers. They can then copy the generated passwords to their clipboard.

Use the source code provided for each project to build them.

Intermediate-Level React Projects

1. Photo Gallery Application: Build a React and NodeJs full-stack photo gallery app that allows users to view, search, and store their images. Add pagination and a NodeJs server that connects to React through API. This project is a good example of connecting with a third-party API. Source Code available at:

2. React Chat Application: Create a chat application like WhatsApp clone using React and Users can register, add contacts, and send text messages to each other. The app includes a NodeJS server to handle communications among users. Source Code available at:

3. React Movie and Series Application: Display trending Movies and TV Series and allow users to filter by genre, search by name, and view details about specific movies and series. This project is a great example of how to fetch data from an API. Source Code available at:

Advanced-Level React Projects

9. Instagram Clone – Create an Instagram clone using MERN stack with functionalities like user login, registration, authentication, uploading posts with captions, commenting, following other users, etc. Store user details in a MongoDB database.

10. E-Commerce Application – Develop a full-stack E-commerce application using MERN stack with functionalities like user registration, login, search items, add to cart, payment, address, reviews, etc. This project will add great value to your resume.

Instagram Clone Source Code:{username}/instagram-clone
E-Commerce Application Source Code:{username}/mern-project-ecommerce

Why Learning React is Valuable

React is a popular JavaScript library used by successful companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Discord, Skype, and Bloomberg. Learning React adds great value to your resume and is advantageous for job placements. With React, developers can use individual parts of applications on the client and server sides, speeding up the development process. The virtual DOM improves user experience, and reusing components saves time. React also provides stable code due to its one-directional data flow.

Is React Suitable for Small Projects?

React is primarily designed for large-scale projects, making it less ideal for smaller projects like static sites. Its numerous functionalities can result in a lot of code that takes up significant space, making it an inefficient option for smaller projects.

Is React Still in Use?

Yes, React is still widely used by major tech companies, bringing in significant profits. Its constant investment in developing new features and a flourishing community also ensure that React will continue to have a bright future.

Can You Build a Full-Stack Project Only with React?

While React is an amazing library, it is not sufficient for building complete full-stack applications on its own. It can only be used to build the front-end of an application. To achieve a full-stack project, we need to use other frameworks along with React.

// Example

// Front-end built with React

Is React for Frontend or Backend?

React is a JavaScript Library used for developing user interfaces on the front-end side. It allows building UIs with numerous components, and, with its live reloading feature, React helps developers in making interactive web applications.

// Example React Component
import React from 'react';

const ExampleComponent = () => {
return (

Hello, World!

This is an example React component.


export default ExampleComponent;

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